Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cross Stitch of Teri's "Peeps"

I found this pattern on "Pinterest" and thought how so many people refer to family and close friends as "Peeps". I thought I would cross stitch this and put into a Christmas card this year and send to a little friend. Now to see how she comes up with a "FUN FRAME" she will craft around it.

Sewing tons of Tissue Covers

I found this super easy pattern on "Pinterest" and thought I would make some. Very easy and super fast. A great way to use up those scraps and give at anytime as a gift.

Cross Stitch Photo of Daddy's Angel

Haley and her Daddy!

This is a cross stitch photo of "Haley King" who left for Heaven this year. This was a photo she was going to do in very bright flowers for her daddy. She loved this photo of her and him. She did a nice layout with this photo and it's on her blog. But she didn't get around to making her bright paper flowers and alter a frame. So I chose to do it in her memory and inform him of the funny, silly little gal she was that day.
 I thought that I would stitch this photo of  her and her daddy to make it more special and put in bright flowers since she was not able to get it done before she left for Heaven.
Will get it packaged soon and mailed to her daddy.
This is a round glass frame that doesn't show well here. And Haleys bright paper flowers. A craft she was so into. And well supported by her parents.