Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cross Stitch of Teri's "Peeps"

I found this pattern on "Pinterest" and thought how so many people refer to family and close friends as "Peeps". I thought I would cross stitch this and put into a Christmas card this year and send to a little friend. Now to see how she comes up with a "FUN FRAME" she will craft around it.

Sewing tons of Tissue Covers

I found this super easy pattern on "Pinterest" and thought I would make some. Very easy and super fast. A great way to use up those scraps and give at anytime as a gift.

Cross Stitch Photo of Daddy's Angel

Haley and her Daddy!

This is a cross stitch photo of "Haley King" who left for Heaven this year. This was a photo she was going to do in very bright flowers for her daddy. She loved this photo of her and him. She did a nice layout with this photo and it's on her blog. But she didn't get around to making her bright paper flowers and alter a frame. So I chose to do it in her memory and inform him of the funny, silly little gal she was that day.
 I thought that I would stitch this photo of  her and her daddy to make it more special and put in bright flowers since she was not able to get it done before she left for Heaven.
Will get it packaged soon and mailed to her daddy.
This is a round glass frame that doesn't show well here. And Haleys bright paper flowers. A craft she was so into. And well supported by her parents.

Monday, November 25, 2013

This is for a special person.

This is a cross stitch I did for a special friend who has been so special in my life. When I needed advise I had her to go to. Mostly medical. She started a journey with her weight loss surgery. WOW she looks wonderful. Smashing good! After she lost a lot of weight she went thru the excess skin removal. Painful I know. But what a hottie now. During all this she had a wonderful mother she adored, loved and enjoyed traveling with. She adored her momma and cared for her to the end. But one day Jesus stepped in and called momma home. This now gave my friend and her DH a time to move forward in their life with a great reward.
A dream home in Sunny Florida!

Mini Pot Pies

I seen this on TV and on Pinterest and had to try it. I used brisket instead of chicken. Used cream of mushroom not chicken. This was super easy. Then I used lipton onion soup mix to make a gravy to pour over it. Super easy and fast.


Another Christmas Card Insert

This is going into a Christmas Card for a friend I met years ago thru scrapbooking. I found this cute cup pattern on Pinterest and made it into my color choice. Then I found a very cute saying to put on it. Can't wait for her to get this.

Horse Head Cross Stitch

This is a Horse Head I found to cross stitch for a Christmas card insert. I have a friend in the Fort Worth Stockyards who loves horses. So I thought this year I would put an insert into the card.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Christmas Card Time

This year I thought I would make very special Christmas Cards for a handful of very special friends. I love this counted cross stitch pattern and thought I would use the aida 18 count to make it smaller to fit. I took some cards and cut the center out and put my picture in it. I thought this would be a gift that would keep giving. I finished off the edges so it can be taken out of the card and inserted into a frame for home displaying.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Honoring Haley's 25th Birthday

Today would have been
Haley Ashton Kings 25th Birthday.
This is Haley and her precious baby "Tiny"
Today Haley is celebrating her Birthday in Heaven with her Heavenly Father.
Sadly we lost our Haley on April 20, 2013. But we choose to celebrate this day to honor her. Our hearts are saddened not to have her here, but we know one day we will all be together forever in the presence of our Father. So I fixed a traditional German meal. German Sausage from a wonderful market in Muenster Texas. Some homemade Spaetzle and sautéed onions with bacon to top. A wonderful German potato salad.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby Dee Counted Cross Stitch

This is  a counted cross stitch I did of my husbands late little sister. I believe this photo is from 1960. Her name is Diane. aka Baby Dee. She was born with Spinal Bifida. I have always loved this black and white photo and thought it would be so pretty done cross stitched. 
What a BEAUTIFUL DOLL BABY !                


Friday, August 23, 2013

In Loving Memory of Haley King

This is a cross stitch I did. This took months to do but look how gorgeous it turned out. I sent this off to her parents to have it custom framed. Her eyes are so pretty and her smile makes you wonder what was she thinking. lol
Rest in peace sweet little Angel!