Sunday, November 3, 2013

Honoring Haley's 25th Birthday

Today would have been
Haley Ashton Kings 25th Birthday.
This is Haley and her precious baby "Tiny"
Today Haley is celebrating her Birthday in Heaven with her Heavenly Father.
Sadly we lost our Haley on April 20, 2013. But we choose to celebrate this day to honor her. Our hearts are saddened not to have her here, but we know one day we will all be together forever in the presence of our Father. So I fixed a traditional German meal. German Sausage from a wonderful market in Muenster Texas. Some homemade Spaetzle and sautéed onions with bacon to top. A wonderful German potato salad.

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  1. Connie this is beautiful!!!!! I am having to post under Haley's name because I haven't yet made my connection to your blog. I know Haley is singing like never before......She was my angel on earth (LOL) and now she is my angel in heaven. I know she is with us.