Monday, November 25, 2013

This is for a special person.

This is a cross stitch I did for a special friend who has been so special in my life. When I needed advise I had her to go to. Mostly medical. She started a journey with her weight loss surgery. WOW she looks wonderful. Smashing good! After she lost a lot of weight she went thru the excess skin removal. Painful I know. But what a hottie now. During all this she had a wonderful mother she adored, loved and enjoyed traveling with. She adored her momma and cared for her to the end. But one day Jesus stepped in and called momma home. This now gave my friend and her DH a time to move forward in their life with a great reward.
A dream home in Sunny Florida!

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  1. WOW.......I'm speechless!!! You ahve been doing some spectacular projects Miss Connie. She's going to love it!! Hugs, t